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Renegade Overview

The Renegade Platform is an edge-based programmable content delivery system. The platform is designed to offer web developers a multi-functional, easy-to-implement website enhancement solution that optimizes delivery speed, adapts, modifies, compresses and caches all in one, with no requirement to touch the existing code.

For sites that have serious traffic, hard to predict traffic spikes, or an overburdened CMS, the Renegade platform is an ideal choice.



Scales dynamically when and where traffic load occurs.



Swarms of independent computing cells operating at the edge give unprecedented fail-safe operation.



Edge-based programming environment built on industry standard formats.



No hidden costs. No setup fees. Pay only for what you use.

The Old Approach

Most websites rely on server farms. This represents not only a single point of failure, but also a defined capacity to handle traffic. Exceed that capacity and failure results.

Without Renegade

The Renegade Answer

The Renegade Platform, is comprised of cooperating swarms of servers responding dynamically at locations that reflect customer demand. The number of servers expands and contracts dynamically to reflect traffic volume and location profiles.

With Renegade

Key Benefits

No Need to Touch Existing Code

Many cloud based PaaS products often require website modifications to take advantage of the new platform. Renegade has been built to complement, rather than replace existing investments.

Familiar Standards

The Renegade Platform architecture incorporates popular web technologies such as XML, Javascript, XPath, regex and XSLT to give developers full control of their web content.

<!-- Accelerate and cache using Renegade's globally distributed edge-based servers. -->
<rule match="*" comment="Basic Proxy">
  <set-cache cookies="ignore" aggressive="true" maximum-age="7200" />
    <fetch type="proxy">
      <set host=""/>

Total Control

The Renegade platform gives you a great rules language you can use to get a lot done quickly, and tools like Javascript and XPath to give you more power at the edge.

Serve Multiple Audiences

The web content you wish to deliver can vary depending on device type, location, the user's preferences or many other factors. The Renegade Platform makes it easy for the developer to customize response content based on any such variables, right there at the edge.

Cost Effective

Renegade eliminates the need to provision infrastructure to anticipate burst traffic or future capacity requirements. Renegade responds and scales up as your traffic demands increase. There are no upfront costs. You only pay for the traffic your Renegade sites process.

The Renegade Management Console gives you easy access to site statistics and configuration, so you can stay on top of what is going on.


With the Renegade platform, there are no up-front costs. You are invoiced monthly and pay only for what you use. Renegade pricing is comprised of two components.


$1.00 / 100,000 requests


$1.00 / GB of delivered data

Built by Modapt

The Renegade platform was developed by Modapt. Inc., a privately-held company, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Melbourne, Australia. The company also developed the CONNECT™ platform which has been deployed in organizations throughout the world to deliver mobile-friendly website content, adapted from the CMS-based web property they use to produce desktop sites.

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